~ ideal career: writer-musician-physician-scientist-entrepreneur

~ admires novelists who create believable worlds with science, history, and culture, and strong, complex characters

~ respects people who seek to balance the intransigence of morality and compassion for humanity

~ enjoys observing people and animals, in literature as well as real-life situations

~ tries to understand different perspectives, cultures, etc.

~ loves to learn, and appreciates things that make her think.

This erratic notepad is a perfectionist's exercise in spontaneity, and a collection of miscellaneous items of interest.

My name is Crystal Williams. What happened to my son here in Florissant, they was nine or 10 years old. I was living out there, and my son had got a ticket for a Snickers bar, and I didn’t know about it. Well, in that county, they issue a warrant. They kicked down my door. They put nine-millimeters on my kid’s head, and they weren’t nothing but nine, 10, 11 years old, with my nephews. That day, they took my kids, locked them up for 30 days. Thirty days over a Snickers bar, as well as putting nine-millimeters and kicking in my house. That day, my whole life changed. I had to relocate my life to Minnesota, because I knew then that my boys was going to die here. So it changed my whole life. So I knew, as well as I knew he killed him, they was going to kill my children.


Writing Quote – Janette Turner Hospital


On average, people in Japan live longer than people anywhere else in the world, and they live longer in the city of Nagano than in anywhere else in Japan. A look at James Whitlow Delano’s photographs.

Top: The Nakajima family takes a lunch break in their apple orchard, Wakaho, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Bottom: The ninety-six-year-old Mr. Kazu, a veteran of the Second World War, Nakano, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Photographs by James Whitlow Delano.